Eight Fingers Crossed


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Eight Fingers Crossed:
is a gathering of works made collectively by Aida Azin, Alycia Bennett, Ellese McLindin, Emmaline Zanelli, Kathryn Evans, Karlien van Rooyen, Tessa Crathern and Olivia De Zilva. No work is made by one artist alone. A range of mediums and hands have been layered in works that are a direct response to the social space of group studio time. A thick flower garden, painted and etched stoneware vessels, houses, a roast turkey and iced birthday cake, a rainbow rocking chair, a stacked plastic pool fountain, the techniques and subjects within the artworks stem from notions of support and celebration. We used this project to investigate the role of cultivating sensitivity and responsiveness to other artists’ ideas, needs and methods throughout the making process in building strong, empathetic networks and feedback loops amongst emerging artists.

This collaborative project happened over a series of studio sessions through June and July 2019. The artists came together and shared skills and experiences, generating new work that reflected on the roles of sharing, flexibility, experimentation and support systems within studio practice. The resulting work includes painting, photography, sculpture, writing, as well as tests in ceramics and video, and a selection will be exhibited at FELTspace in Adelaide in September 2019 (opening Wednesday Septmeber 4), and will also be brought together in an artist book, published together with Have You Seen Him publishing.

Workshops took place at the Tutti Arts studio in Brighton, Fontanelle Studios in Port Adelaide, and also included some smaller collaborations including a sculpture and installation by Emmaline and Tessa at Arthur Art House in Adelaide for the SALA opening (see video documentation above).

Aida Azin
Alycia Bennett
Ellese McLindin (studio artist at Tutti Arts)
Emmaline Zanelli
Kathryn Evans (studio artist at Tutti Arts)
Karlien Van Rooyen
Tessa Crathern (studio artist at Tutti Arts)
Olivia De Zilva

Published By:
Have You Seen Him publishing, ADL/MEL
To purchase a copy of the softcover book, click here !

Directed by:
Emmaline Zanelli

This project is  generously supported by Carclew Youth Arts and Tutti Arts, SMOCK Bureau and SECT. I am especially very grateful for the support of Patricia Wozniak, Ellen Schlobohm, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm and Thomas McCammon for their encouragement and support in the development of this project. Thank you. Also thankyou to Dani Reynolds for her work in studio time during workshop 2 and throughout the editing process for the book. Also thank you to my mum.