2017 ongoing
IMMI is a collective project, written and produced by Kaspar Schmidt Mumm.

Writer and Producer:
Kaspar Schmidt Mumm
Poetry: Dom Symes, Matt Morrison
Music: Adrian Schmidt Mumm, Ben Sargent, Declan Casley-Smith, Dillon Mueller, Matt Morrison, Damo 'CanMasterSmash' Satanik
Photography: Emmaline Zanelli
Costumes: Emmaline Zanelli
Animation: Liam Bosecke
Acrobatics: Jo Curry
Bread-making: Andy Nowell
Videography: Johanis Lyons-Reid, Jerome Williams
Curating: Joanna Kitto, Fineprint Magazine
Virtual Set Design: Claire Marwick Smith
Graphic Design: James Brown IV
Sound and Lighting Assistance: Nathan Shea
Guest Performers: Karlien van Rooyen, Thomas McCammon
Installations & Set Design: Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Koruna Schmidt Mumm, Emmaline Zanelli

"IMMI are an unidentified culture living in the cracks of society. By observing the archetypes of all our cultures they have begun to create a new hybrid one. Culture is stored in thousands of years of tradition, but is born through smaller intuitive ideas, accidents and interpretations. Since we live in a society that has and is becoming more globalised, the mixtures of cultures are more varied than ever before. New globalised linguistic and cultural varieties are not built into ideas of what we hold as authentic cultural bodies. They are the vernacular hybrids that - without a home -; are thrown into the ‘multicultural’ bin for future analysis. Worship is reserved for singular religions and colonial civilisations. The hybrid’s indifference is that they aren’t of a single, ancient civilisation; rather of several. They’re home is plurally vernacular, they identify with mixed cultures of the future, one's that haven't been invented yet. And so, they’re instinctive need for archetypal tradition is thrown into confusion. The archetypes of culture give us comfort in our identity. Partaking in traditions, ceremonies and other cultural practices brings communities together. And so, even people without a concrete cultural identity need to partake in cultural traditions. Across the world our cultural landscapes are overlapping and so we must be decisive, resourceful and empathic; but for the most part: Creative. The cure for the alienation that hybrids face because of homelessness, mass migration and displacement is to identify with a cultural language of their own. So that they can feel at home like their ancestors did. The time has come for hybridism to be categorised. For the beauty and idiosyncrasy of multiculturalism to be represented. We must begin to represent the infinite possibilities of cultural hybridisation, we must present ceremonious traditions of cultural hybridism. Bring on the IMMI." - The IMMI Manifesto
written by Kaspar Schmidt Mumm.

IMMI has existed in multiple iterations since 2017, including an exhibition at Floating Goose Studios (2017), an exhibition at Terminal 1 at the Adelaide Airport, and residencies at Minor Works (2018) and the Inspace Development studio (2019). Kaspar received the 2018 SALA Contemporary Artist award for his work on the project, and it continues to grow and change with new work currently in development for the largest and most ambitious version yet to be revealed in 2020.