RIFE MACHINE is a project using pictures to pull people apart and rebuild them, in explorations of portraits as constructions. Melt, scale, wrap and crust the body plane and the picture plane together- that is the method for building sites of both participation and control. Sites where siblings, friends, family and lovers relinquish power, and participate in physical visualisations of psychological exchanges.

Thousands of 6×4 photographic patches of skin cocoon my younger brother’s fishing boat in a scabbed human shell; keyhole camera images of my own removed fallopian tubes become a ceremonious suit in a homemade womb, making my body whole again; a face of an old teacher becomes my private dance space. Bodies are brought together violently and sensually in one plane of reality, without ever really touching or harming each other in another. Fantasy and reality (both my own and others') are pasted on top of one another in the images that fall into this ongoing project, mashing visual manifestations of the physical, emotional and psychological spaces between people.

RIFE MACHINE exhibition presented at
ACE ACROSS Gallery in 2017
Bus Projects Gallery in 2018
Review of RIFE MACHINE by Zoe Freney for Art Guide Australia