In Standing Up, Standing Out, Tutti Arts visual artists come together with the Sikh community to engage in cultural discourse. Turban cloths were shared and embellished by the studio artists at Tutti following visits to Sikh temples, and visits from members of the Sikh community to the Tutti studios. Through engaging in a mutual exchange of sacred objects, the turbans emerged as new, shared objects that bypass cultural differences and unite rather than define.

The turbans were exhibited in Nexus Arts gallery and the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in both their wrapped and unwrapped states. Standing Up, Standing Out was accompanied by a series of photographic portraits made at the Tutti studios that capture this developing relationship. Artists are captured wearing their own designs, alongside Sikhs also wearing an artist made design each. Reflecting the different styles of the artists, the works are bold and colourful with details and textures that invite the viewer to take a closer look.

Both the Sikhi and Tutti community know what it is to stand up and stand out, and the challenges and adversity this can create. This project seeks to form a space in which these two communities can stand together and be a platform for examining what it truly means to be Standing Up, Standing Out.

Tutti Visual Artists: Aimee Crathern, Chris Dyke, Jianna Georgiou, Dougie Jacobssen, Megan Long, Hannah Mexted, Giorgio Mouzakitis, Charlie Taplin.

Supporting Artists: Ellen Schlobohm (curator), Emmaline Zanelli (photographer), Daniel Connell (curator)

Standing Up, Standing Out exhibition presented at
Nexus Arts 2018
Kerry Packer Civic Gallery 2018

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