Streaky Bay Art Week

For one week in January 2019, a group of young people from Streaky Bay collaborated with artists Emmaline Zanelli, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Adrian Schmidt Mumm and Ben Sargent to experiment with costume, performance, music-instrument-making and video skills. Using recycled materials, the dragon boat club and the local community hall theatre, the week's activities produced a parade following a giant bed-sheet shark, inspired by the colossal Great White Shark replica that is housed in the local Shell service station and roadhouse, a memorial of the largest ever Great White to be caught by rod and reel, which happened on the 26 April 1990 in Streaky Bay.

This project was made possible by Country Arts SA, the energy and thirst for fun of the young people of Streaky Bay, and the incredible support of Jayne Holland.