2015 - Ongoing

“A chaos of raw action, colour, costume and community creates the nucleus for the ever transforming realm of The Bait Fridge. The manipulators of this wet, hyper-colourful landscape are bound to no laws, except to keep evolving the space visually, socially and sonically. If the environment is not constantly in will die.”

The Bait Fridge is a multi-disciplinary collective from South Australia whose members collaborate under a unified banner to create works and performances which combine the practices of music, art, dance and theatre. It began in 2014 at Blenheim Music and Camping Festival in Clare Valley as a spontaneous performance of expressive art and experimental music. The Bait Fridge has consistently performed at Blenheim Festival every year since - growing from a 5-piece outfit in its inception to over 15 participants in 2018. Since 2016, The Fridge has found a keen focus on costume construction and musical experimentation via The Bait Fridge Band (which has in recent history married somewhat with Slowmango). Our current work involves improvised combinations of narrative performance, live music, sculptural instruments, dance, audience involvement in both planning and execution of public works, workshops, and stage construction from discarded materials.

The Fridge’s most recent appearances have been beamed up by Zoom and distributed into the homes of other isolating, quaratining, house-bound jammers. Such appearances have included costume and performance workshopping for the Art Gallery of South Australia’s April 2020 edition of NeoTeen Takeover, and mask-making, cubby-building, Zoom background-experimenting workshops via The Mill as part of our 10 week residency in their gallery, theatre space, and studio. 

The Bait Fridge has had very generous contributions from our many core members and fluctuating jammers alike, including: Arlon Hall, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Henry Walker, Adrian Schmidt Mumm, Emmaline Zanelli, Hari Koutlakis, Declan Casley-Smith, Abbey Howlett, Felix Phoenix, Annie Scheid, Ben Sargent, Mat Morrison, Zeno Kordov, Heath Dalziel (Colourfool), Kasia Lalewicz, Dave Court, Ben, Jack Hodge, Steph Walker, Rory, Jack Casley-Smith, John Walker, Clara Solly-Slade, Kurt Bosecke, Ziggy and co

Bait Fridge 2017 from Kaspar Schmidt Mumm on Vimeo.

Art Basics: A Staged Jam, The Bait Fridge at The Mill, video by SunnySide Uploads, May 2020